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While working on next generation ARM servers, our founder Rob Taylor came to a realisation - computing’s next exponential gains would have to come from changing a fundamental assumption.
2.5 Exabytes of data is produced every day, growing at 40% a year. At the same time the depth of analysis to create value from this data, like AI and graph analytics, requires multiple times more compute. This comes at the same time as steam is running out on the traditional server CPU design and performance gains from new silicon processes, with new processor generations less than 50% more performant than the last.
In modern systems programmers have no control over the underlying data handling beneath the modern languages, operating systems and CPUs. The way data moves around in modern systems is complex, with many layers of caches, network and storage. And for a programmer accessing an array, for example, they have no knowledge of where the bits of data in that array are coming from - it may be in fast L1 cache, or it may be on networked storage the other end of the data center.
This is a problem because the difference in time taken to collect those bits of data from various sources can be huge - up to a hundred million times slower. Hidden algorithms populate caches, blind to the actual application needs, resulting in massive wastes of available bandwidth.
Our vision is for a really usable service, available to programmers everywhere to dig down into the data handling and timings underlying their applications, to help them write truly concurrent code to speed up performance and reduce energy consumption.


In 2015, building on his experiences delivering cutting-edge ARM servers, Rob Taylor decided he wanted to build a product to address the need for exponentially better compute performance.

Taking a bet that with Intel’s acquisition of Altera, FPGA technology would become available from cloud providers, he focused on FPGAs as a mechanism to deliver this new model. A team was assembled with the skills to create the tools needed to make the vision a possibility.

Rob met with Dr Mahdi Jelodari from the Advanced Processor Technologies research group at the University of Manchester and in March 2016 recruited Josh Bohde as CTO, with a well-timed Tweet. Just two years later the team has grown to 13, and we’re at the forefront of bringing access to FPGA hardware acceleration, with our users exploring a new programming model with familiar tools.

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Rob Taylor


Josh Bohde


Malcolm Evans


Sarah Botham


Dr Mahdi Jelodari


Max Siegieda

Operations Specialist

Rosie Yohannan

Marketing and documentation

Chris Holgate

Digital Design Specialist

Steven Taylor

Brand & Marketing Lead

Mike Stephens

Web Technologies Lead

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